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  • When to See a Chiropractor
    When to See a Chiropractor The potential causes of dysfunction and pain in the body are endless. Even just one joint or muscle being inflamed or injured can be a challenge Read more
  • Common Questions About "Text Neck"
    "Text Neck" Text neck is a real condition, and it poses real health risks to people of all ages. Although we have just recently started hearing about this condition, it has Read more
  • Common Questions About Back Pain Relief
     Back Pain Relief If you are currently feeling low back pain as the result of an injury, getting it to subside effectively and safely most likely concerns you. Seeking help from Read more
  • Auto Accident Injury and Whiplash: What You Need To Know
    If you're dealing with an auto accident injury, you probably have a lot of questions. From insurance issues to medical treatment, auto accidents can wreak havoc on our lives. The Read more
  • Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance
    Arlington Chiropractic Clinic Offers Help For Hormonal ImbalanceMost people don’t think of hormones as having any link to the way they feel on daily basis, but when your hormones are Read more
  • Massage Therapy for Muscle Spasms
    Treating Muscle Spasms with Massage Therapy in Arlington HeightsAre you looking for a service that can help you with your muscle cramps and spasms?  If you have painful muscle spasms, Read more
  • Total Wellness
    Total Wellness at Arlington Chiropractic Clinic, PCAre you looking to get on the path to total wellness but you’re not sure where or how to start? Here at Arlington Chiropractic Read more
  • Spa Massage vs Medical Therapeutic Massage
    Understanding the Difference Between a Spa Massage and Therapeutic MassageNot all massages are created equal. Some are more medical in nature, in that these massages treat a variety of conditions Read more
  • Chiropractic Headache and Migraine Treatment
    Chiropractic Treatment for Headaches and Migraines in Arlington HeightsNot everyone knows that chiropractic care can treat more than back pain. However, our doctors at Arlington Chiropractic Clinic, P.C., in Arlington Read more
  • Early Warning Signs of Fibromyalgia
    Do You Have Fibromyalgia?Do you have unexplained pain and are concerned it may be fibromyalgia? Up until recently, doctors didn't even recognize fibromyalgia as a real condition. Fortunately, they do Read more
  • Your Arlington Heights Chiropractor Explains the Difference Between Disc Degeneration and Disc Herniation
    Your Arlington Heights Chiropractor Explains the Difference Between Disc Degeneration and Disc HerniationIntravertebral discs are spongy pads of tough tissue sandwiched between spinal vertebrae. Providing shock absorption and stability to Read more
  • Workplace Ergonomics Tips from Your Arlington Heights Chiropractor
    Visit Your Arlington Heights Chiropractor to Help Reduce Neck Pain and Back PainAt Arlington Chiropractic Clinic, we see many patients who suffer from neck pain and back pain. We suspect Read more
  • Does Massage Therapy Help With Sciatica Pain?
    Does Massage Therapy in Arlington Heights Help with Sciatica Pain?Arlington Chiropractic Clinic PC, your Arlington Heights chiropractor, is a Total Care clinic. This means that our doctors use a range Read more
  • Is Hot or Cold Better for Sciatica Pain?
    Is Hot or Cold Better for Sciatica Pain?Chiropractic Care and Sciatica TreatmentA chiropractor in Arlington Heights helps treat patients who have sciatic nerve pain. They use noninvasive methods to assist patients. Although Read more
  • Safe Driving Tips From Your Arlington Heights Chiropractor
    Safe Driving Tips From Your Arlington Heights ChiropractorLocal driving conditions can be very dangerous in winter! At Arlington Chiropractic Clinic, we frequently see an increase in whiplash and auto accident Read more
  • Are You Experiencing Headaches After a Car Accident?
    Are You Experiencing Headaches After a Car Accident? Find Headache Relief In Arlington HeightsFor over 40 years, Arlington Chiropractic Clinic has provided the communities of Arlington Heights, Kildeer and Palatine the best of what chiropractic Read more
  • Chiropractic for Car Accident Injuries
    Chiropractic for Car Accident Injuries With Your Chiropractor in Arlington HeightsCar accidents can cause devastating injuries. As your chiropractor in Arlington Heights, we provide natural whiplash treatment and headache relief Read more
  • Is Text Neck Affecting Your Posture?
    Is Text Neck Affecting Your Posture?: Getting Help from our Arlington Heights ChiropractorsText neck is a growing problem in today’s digital world where everyone is connected via their cell phones, Read more

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