Massage Therapy

The Benefits of Massage Therapy

If you have chronic muscle pain, you probably live your life with a deep ache, stiffness, and discomfort that rarely goes away. You’ve likely tried almost every treatment you can think of, from medications to ice and heat. At this point, you’re not sure what else to do to finally get some pain relief.

By seeing our Arlington Chiropractic Clinic Chiropractors and Therapists, you can learn about the many benefits of massage therapy, which is sometimes called therapeutic massage. Within a few appointments, you should notice you feel markedly better. Here’s what you need to know.

massage therapy from your chiropractor in arlington heights

The Many Benefits of Receiving Massage Therapy

  • Blood pressure levels can be controlled and even reduced through regular massages by a chiropractor or other medical professional.
  • If you’re undergoing physical therapy or rehabilitation for an injury, get a massage. Organs and tissues will receive more nutrients and oxygen, which promotes faster healing.
  • Your immune system may improve as your cytotoxic capacity goes up, keeping you free of illnesses.
  • If you often have headaches, massages may keep these at bay by targeting trigger points that can lead to headaches.
  • Regular massages can increase joint flexibility and mobility by easing stiffness and pain.
  • Blood flow is better. Old blood keeps moving, making way for new blood in areas that may have been backed-up before.
  • Sore, tense, or even locked-up muscles can be soothed with massage therapy, reducing pressure and pain throughout the body.
  • Stress can affect all areas of your life. By receiving regular massages, you can control your stress, breathe more naturally, and enjoy your days. Not only that, but your cortisol levels may also drop.
  • If you have postural issues, massage therapy, when combined with chiropractic adjustments and exercises, can help you improve your posture once and for all.

As you can see, there are many reasons to consider massage therapy in your life. Whether you’re dealing with long-term pain, you have high blood pressure, you’re overstressed, or you’re trying to get on a path to wellness, with regular massages, you can achieve your health goals.

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