Text neck is a growing problem in today’s digital world where everyone is connected via their cell phones, tablets and laptops. Most people look down when they view webpages, images, text messages and emails on their mobile devices, which can lead to neck and upper back pain as well as headaches and shoulder pain. Our Arlington Heights chiropractors can examine your neck and spine and recommend a treatment program to reduce your symptoms.

Short-Term Symptoms

Short term symptoms of text neck include shoulder pain, upper back pain and neck pain and stiffness. If the cervical vertebrae become misaligned or the soft tissues in the neck start putting pressure on the nerve roots, the individual may also experience numbness and/or tingling down the arms.

Long-Term Symptoms

Children and teenagers who use their phones and other mobile devices for long periods of time may experience a loss of range of motion in their necks, shoulders and upper backs. Their spines may also start to hunch. Adults who use their mobile devices for extended periods of time may develop early onset arthritis in their necks, which could lead to chronic neck and upper back pain.

Neck Pain Treatment from our Arlington Heights Chiropractors

Our chiropractors, serving Kildeer, Palatine and the surrounding areas, are dedicated to helping alleviate your symptoms and improving your posture. Treatment usually starts with lifestyle advice that includes holding your phone or digital device close to eye level in order to prevent a head forward posture and making sure offices and workspaces are ergonomically friendly. You should also take frequent breaks to stand, walk around and stretch.

Personalized Treatment Options

Our Arlington Heights chiropractors will recommend treatment options based off of the findings from your initial evaluation and posture screening. Treatments may include chiropractic adjustments, corrective exercises, massage therapy, ultrasound and acupuncture.

We proudly serve patients in Kildeer, Palatine and the surrounding communities. To schedule an appointment for an initial evaluation for your text neck, call us today!

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