Shoulder Pain

When you have shoulder pain, you may consider several different ways to find relief. Chiropractic care can be a great addition to your pain management plan. At Arlington Chiropractic Clinic, PC, our chiropractors in Arlington Heights, IL, want to help you with your shoulder issues. Here are some frequently asked questions we get about shoulder pain. 


What Causes Shoulder Pain? 

Shoulder pain can be the result of several things. The most common problems are the result of overuse or injury. Sprains, strains, and tears can happen as a result of athletic activity or other repetitive tasks. These most commonly impact the soft tissues of the body, including the muscles, ligaments and tendons. 

How Can I Get Pain Relief At Home? 

If you have shoulder pain and you want to manage it at home, there are some simple steps you can take. Ice is a great way to soothe the pain. An ice pack will reduce the inflammation that is associated with many types of shoulder injuries. This helps relieve your pain and improve your mobility. You can also try gentle exercise. While rest is important, movement is as well. So make sure that you’re using your shoulders in a way that is safe and will not cause further injury. A professional can help you if you’re unsure how to do this. 

How Can Chiropractic Care Help? 

Our chiropractors can use several different methods to relieve your shoulder pain. First, we will perform an examination in order to find the root cause of the problem. This will help us determine which treatment will work best. Joint manipulation and massage therapy are common techniques that use the hands to work the tension out of the joint, muscles and ligaments. Our chiropractors will also teach you stretches and corrective exercises to do at home. If you are consistent with them, you’ll be able to improve your posture, build up your shoulder strength and reduce your pain in the future.

 Chiropractic Care in Arlington Heights

Chiropractic care can be extremely useful when dealing with shoulder pain. If you need help with pain management, contact Arlington Chiropractic Clinic, PC. Call us at (847) 259-4493 for more information or to schedule an appointment with our chiropractor. 

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