Upper Back Pain

What to do with Upper Back Pain

Everyone is prone to experience upper back pain on occasions. Persistent upper back pain is often a sign of a misaligned spinal column, pinched nerves or problems with discs. The professionals here at Arlington Chiropractic Clinic, P.C. in Arlington Heights, are advising people who have chronic or persistent back pain to have their symptoms evaluated so a proper diagnosis can be identified, and proper treatment rendered. 

Upper Back Pain| Arlington Chiropractic Clinic, P.C.

Causes Of Upper Back Pain

Most people experience upper and middle back pain due to poor posture. Others experience upper back pain as a result of overuse and muscle strain, which generally occurs after a move or repetitive exercise. When it comes to the causes of persistent back pain, injuries, herniated discs, vertebral fractures and diseases like osteoarthritis are generally the sources. Here in our office, we stress the importance of having chronic upper back pain evaluated, as there have been rare occasions where back pain has been an indicator of infections, gallbladder disease, and even cancer.

Symptoms Of Upper Back Pain

The symptoms associated with upper back pain vary and can range in severity. Some of the most common symptoms include pain that can be burning, dull and sharp, to the stiffness and tightening of muscles. More serious symptoms of upper back pain include weakness in the legs and arms, and tingling or numbness in the legs, arms, chest and abdominal region.

How Our Chiropractor Diagnoses Upper Back Pain

Here in our office, our chiropractic physicians go through a series of steps to diagnose and identify the source of upper back pain. One of the first things our doctor does is obtain a complete medical history on our patients. The history includes information pertaining to the current complaint, medical conditions, past medical and surgical history, medication checklist, and social and family history. A physical and spinal exam is performed to help evaluate posture, range of motion, and location and severity of the pain.  Orthopedic tests and vital signs are also done as a part of our thorough examination. Our chiropractor may conduct or order other tests such as x-rays, MRI scans, or lab tests to help evaluate and determine the exact cause of the symptoms.

How We Can Help

In the majority of cases, our patients begin treatment for their back pain during their very first visit. Our doctors use a variety of treatment modalities to alleviate back pain including spinal adjustments, exercise therapy, ultrasound, massage therapy, and electrical muscle stimulation. Here at Arlington Chiropractic Clinic, P.C. in Arlington Heights, our goal is to help our patients live the best quality of life possible. If you experience persistent upper back pain, give our office a call today to schedule an appointment at (847) 259-4493.

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