Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain from Our Arlington Heights Chiropractor

For many, the woes of lower back pain can be considered comparable to no other pain. Not only can chronic aching, stiffness, swelling and muscle aches serious debilitate your ability to go about your daily activities normally, but leaving the condition untreated can lead to further acute and chronic issues including sciatica. Back health and spinal alignment is the key to a happy, healthy, pain-free existence. Chiropractic care from our experienced Arlington Heights chiropractor can bring you tremendous lower back pain relief—both immediately and for the long-term.

lower back pain relief from our arlington heights chiropractor

How Chiro Care Can Help You Get Relief

While allopathic doctors are often quick to recommend surgical procedures and prescription medications for lower back pain relief, our chiropractor takes a holistic, natural and non-invasive approach. Chiropractic care revolves around utilizing therapies that don’t require substantial downtime, costly procedures or short term solutions. Our mission is to help alleviate your pain, speed your recovery, and help strengthen your core muscles to help prevent future injuries for long-term back pain relief. We know that you’ll find our methods at Arlington Chiropractic Clinic, P.C. in Arlington Heights to be an ideal solution.

Chiropractic Solutions for Lower Back Pain

A staple part of our holistic treatment plan involves gentle spinal manipulations known as chiropractic adjustments. These non-invasive procedures help our chiropractor get your neck and spinal vertebra back into proper alignment in order to relieve pressure off of pinched nerves that source lower back and other types of pain. Because we want to expedite the healing process and help you gain the strength necessary to stave off future injuries, we also employ other chiropractic healing methods including:

Physical Therapy/Physiotherapy—Through corrective and strengthening exercises that help stretch your injured muscles and related areas, physical therapy can help promote and increase mobility, improve your range of motion and promote faster healing to injured and swollen muscles and tendons.

Massage Therapy—Relaxed muscles respond to chiro care and physical therapy much better than stiff and swollen ones. We may recommend massage therapy either before or after treatment to complement your care.

Ultrasound, Electrostimulation & Cold Laser Therapy—These treatments are quick and painless and help heal damaged muscles and tissue tears deep below the surface of the skin.

Acupuncture—Acupuncture helps restore the vital energy flow between impinged nerve endings, which relieves pain and speeds the recovery process.

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