Headache & Migraine Relief: FAQs

Headaches and migraines can be caused by illness, injury, or disease. No matter what the cause, they can have a devastating effect on your quality of life. A visit to your chiropractor will be beneficial in determining the cause and will allow for a customized treatment plan to be created to help you get the pain relief you need.  At Arlington Chiropractic Clinic, PC, we have helped residents of Arlington Heights and the surrounding areas find relief from headaches and migraines for many years. Following are the answers to several questions our chiropractors frequently receive regarding headache and migraine relief.


Can stress and tension cause headaches and migraines?

Stress and tension are two of the most common causes of headaches and migraines. They are also two of the most easily treated. In fact, with a few minor lifestyle changes and regular visits to your chiropractor, you will be able to relieve much of your stress and release the tension that often builds up in the muscles in your shoulders, neck, and head.

What treatment options can your chiropractor use to relieve your pain?

Our chiropractor has many tools to relieve your pain and discomfort. By restoring your body’s natural alignment, chiropractic care helps to restore sufficient blood flow to the brain. Chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, spinal decompression, and massage therapy are just a few of the treatment options that work together to create a healing response and relieve your headache and migraine pain.

Can regular chiropractic care prevent recurring headache & migraine pain?

With regular chiropractic care, you may be able to prevent recurring headaches and migraines. Chronic illness and old injuries can work together with stress to tighten muscles and increase the risk of inflammation. Visiting our chiropractor regularly will prevent these symptoms from compounding on one another. Regular care helps to maintain a constant state of balance. Add a few positive lifestyle changes, and you will have more control over your body and how it responds to stress.

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