What to Expect

What to expect on your first visit...


A complete history of your main complaint is taken, as well as your past history, family history, nutritional and lifestlye habits. This is your opportunity to fully explain your health concerns to the chiropractor. You will find that our doctors are willing to take the time necessary to listen to all of the details about you.


Complete examination of your main complaint and any related problems is performed. Vital signs, such as blood pressure, height and weight are measured. Physical exam, orthopedic and neurological examinations will be performed to fully understand your problems. Based on your history and examination, an initial diagnosis is made.


X-rays are often recommended, but not in every case. X-rays are very informative in musculoskeletal complaints to confirm a diagnosis, as well as to rule out any other hidden problems.

Lab Testing

Lab testing may be recommended on an individual basis, if warranted. Many tests require fasting, so that lab is usually not performed on the initial visit, unless very urgent.


Home care recommendations are usually given on the initial visit in order to begin some improvement. Other treatment options are discussed, and patient goals are reviewed.


Initial treatment suggestions may be given, and a follow-up appointment is scheduled in order to begin treatment and recommend any needed treatment plan.


Your initial visit is not concluded until all of your questions are answered that can be answered.

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