Chiropractic Medicine

Chiropractic Medicine and Pain Relief at Arlington Chiropractic Clinic, PC

Chiropractic medicine is a conservative treatment approach for injury rehabilitation and pain management. Chiropractic care is based on a simple principle: the spine is the body’s foundation and when the spine is correctly aligned, the body can function in a state of ease. When the spine is out of alignment, the body is at risk for injury, pain, illness and other health problems. A spinal misalignment, like a herniated disc, may be caused by a sudden accident (e.g., sports injury, car accident) or occur slowly over time as a result of normal wear and tear. Chiropractic care treats back pain, neck pain, headaches, whiplash injuries and other pain or injuries resulting from damage to the connective tissues and muscles.

Chiropractic Medicine

Pain Relief Through Chiropractic Care

As a conservative treatment, chiropractic care is a popular alternative to pain management medication and invasive surgery. Spinal manipulation and chiropractic care is generally considered a safe, effective treatment for musculoskeletal pain and injury. Research has shown that chiropractic care is helpful for treating acute back pain, neck pain and headaches. Additionally, chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis respond positively to chiropractic treatments. While chiropractic care cannot “cure” either of these conditions, treatment can help alleviate symptoms and may reduce the need for certain medications.

During your first visit to our practice, our chiropractors will conduct an initial interview and diagnostic exam. We will explain the principles of chiropractic care, our treatment philosophy, and general approach, record a full medical history, and discuss your current pain management and injury rehabilitation needs. Further tests, like a postural analysis, may be necessary to fully evaluate the extent of your injury. Based on the results of these tests and your chiropractic consultation, our chiropractors will create a custom treatment program. Our chiropractors will discuss your diagnosed condition, individualized plan, and the anticipated length of chiropractic care.


Your chiropractic treatment plan will include specific goals and treatment recommendations to address key joint dysfunction, support soft tissue healing, enhance pain relief, and improve posture. Every treatment plan will include short-term and long-term goals. Short-term goals include immediate pain reduction and a return to normal joint functionality and muscle balance. Long-term goals focus on restoring full functional independence and reducing the risk of future injury. Many patients benefit from ongoing chiropractic care and regular adjustments to maintain proper spinal alignment.

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Chiropractic care follows a “whole body” approach to pain relief, which means our chiropractors not only address the immediate source of your pain but also focuses on bringing wellness to your entire body. We empower our patients to take active control on their journey towards better health! To schedule your appointment, call us today at (847) 259-4493.

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