Spinal Decompression

Spinal Decompression from Our Chiropractor in Arlington Heights

Arlington Chiropractic Clinic, PC in Arlington Heights, IL is a full-service Chiropractic facility.  We are here for all of your Chiropractic needs. Our highly trained and experienced staff can offer you a wide variety of proven treatment methods, including spinal decompression. This treatment is safe and effective, and is mostly used for people who have spinal disc problems. Read on to learn more about the spinal disc conditions that are often treated with spinal decompression therapy.


Spinal Disc Conditions

Spinal disc conditions can be painful and difficult to treat. A thorough history and examination will be performed, as well as the appropriate imaging, in order to diagnose the specific disc disorder. Some of the most common spinal disc conditions that can be helped with decompression therapy include disc bulges, disc herniations, disc protrusions, degenerative disc disease, and arthritis in the spine. Spinal decompression can be performed on the lower back (lumbar spine) as well as on the neck (cervical spine). Our Chiropractors offer customized treatment plans based on your individual needs.

Spinal Decompression Treatment

If it is determined that you are a candidate for spinal decompression therapy, the plan of care will be reviewed and a course of treatment will begin. Each spinal decompression session lasts 8-15 minutes and is often performed in combination with other therapies. Spinal decompression works by stretching the spinal muscles, increasing circulation, taking pressure off the spinal discs, reducing inflammation and increasing mobility. But what spinal decompression is best known for is reversing spinal disc herniations by producing negative intradiscal pressure. This specific action of movement has been shown to provide significant relief from the pain associated with all types of disc conditions. Our comfortable tables and relaxing atmosphere create the perfect environment for healing your discs with spinal decompression therapy.

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Here at Arlington Chiropractic Clinic, PC in Arlington Heights, IL, we offer a full lineup of Chiropractic services, including spinal decompression. If you'd like more information on spinal decompression or any of our other treatment options for your spinal discs, you can contact us at (847) 259-4493. We'd be happy to answer your questions and to schedule your first appointment!

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