Leg Pain

For many people, leg pain comes from a prior injury or age-related deterioration. However, for a smaller group, leg pain can be a bit of a mysterious symptom with no apparent cause but still has serious limitations and restrictions. When one's leg hurts for no obvious reason, it can be frustrating to figure out. Issues can range from joint pain to muscle spasms to nerve pain or a combination of causes. Understanding how the body works and what it needs to function normally goes a long way in identifying the cause of a problem and ultimately addressing the symptoms. We at Arlington Chiropractic Clinic, P.C., in Arlington Heights, IL, know a lot about leg pain and have been helping patients with this complaint for 50 years!


There Are Different Types of Leg Pain

One patient's leg pain from a football knee injury is not going to be treated the same as another patient's arthritis or another's nerve damage issue. However, they could all complain of similar pain while walking and using their left leg. A chiropractor on our team breaks down leg pain problems into categories to understand them better. Musculoskeletal leg pain is typically associated with incorrect operation of bones, joints, muscle groups, and tendons or ligaments. Sports injuries can be complex and often involve multiple tissues. Neurological leg pain, on the other hand, focuses on the nerve networks and endings that control everything and fire off pain receptors. These problems often stem from the lower spine. Finally, vascular leg pain is associated with circulation issues and may be associated with other medical conditions.

Identification and Treatment of Leg Pain

Because our patients have different causes of their leg pain, a thorough evaluation and case review are essential to narrowing down exactly what is causing the pain. A chiropractor on our team will do this by reviewing a patient's medical record, history, current conditions and activities, and examine the painful area and any related surrounding areas. Then a decision is made on what the condition is as well as what the patient needs and how to deal with it most effectively. Treatment for leg pain may involve chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, and massage therapy.

Get Leg Pain Help in Arlington Heights, IL

Whether your leg pain comes from personal injuries, sports injuries, age, an auto accident injury, or nerve damage, we at Arlington Chiropractic Clinic P.C. can help. Our chiropractic team of specialists help and work with a variety of patients, from children to the elderly. We can help find a better way to obtain pain relief by targeting the underlying cause and not just treating symptoms. Our goal for you is to work towards a path of full recovery. Call us at (847) 259-4493 to schedule an appointment at our office in Arlington Heights, IL. You may be surprised to see what's possible!

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