Cold laser thearpy

Cold laser therapy is an advanced therapy technique designed to help reduce pain and to encourage soft tissue healing. Cold lasers are given their name because they have a focused, low-level light beam that does not get hot or cut the skin, and is therefore, used for therapeutic purposes. The light is able to penetrate the skin and is strong enough to stimulate the body's own natural cellular reactions which helps to promote healing and relieve pain. If you are looking for pain relief or treatment of an injured area, we at Arlington Chiropractic Clinic in Arlington Heights, IL, are here to assist.


What Is Cold Laser Therapy Used For?

Cold laser therapy can help deal with chronic issues such as the inflammation of an arthritic joint, or conditions that are more acute. Cold laser therapy can help with the following situations:

                FDA cleared for:

  • • Minor muscle and joint pain
  • • Arthritis and muscle spasm
  • • Joint stiffness
  • • Promoting relaxation of muscle tissue
  • •Temporarily increasing local blood circulation

                Other applications:

  • •Chronic and Acute Pain
  • •Inflammation
  • •Tendonitis
  • •Back Pain
  • •Fibromyalgia
  • •Tissue Healing
  • •Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • •Plantar Fasciitis

What to Expect

During a cold laser therapy session, we will give you protective goggles to wear, and hold a device, about the size and shape of a flashlight, over the area of your body to be treated. The light will travel through the upper layers of your skin, and interact with the lower layers of tissue receiving the therapy, commonly causing a warming sensation.

Cold laser therapy has been approved by the FDA and is safe in treating many disorders. It is evidence-based and safe, effective at tissue healing and pain modulation, is simple to use, with fast treatment delivery, and encourages accelerated healing.

Get Cold Laser Therapy for Pain Relief and Tissue Healing

If you are looking for a "chiropractor near me" for relief from your pain, consider us at Arlington Chiropractic Clinic  Besides cold laser therapy, we offer other chiropractic services and holistic medical techniques to bring our patients the relief  they are looking for. We are happy to meet with new patients and discuss how chiropractic care can lead to a better, healthier life. Call us at (847) 259-4493 today for an appointment.

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