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If you suffer from tendinitis pain, our wellness specialists at Arlington Chiropractic Clinic can offer relief and continuing treatment with gentle, non-invasive procedures that help to reduce inflammation and irritation to the tissues related to tendinitis. Our professional team of specialists was founded by Dr. Gerald T. Andreoli and is now led by Dr. Christa S. Andreoli, Dr. Peter J. Horn, Katrina M. Steckbeck, MS, CCN, and several highly trained and experienced support staff. The Chiropractic team comprises of over 90 years of combined doctor experience to serve patients throughout the area, including residents of Arlington Hts., Kildeer, Palatine, Rolling Meadows, Mt. Prospect and nearby communities.


Diagnosing Tendinitis 

Undiagnosed pain near your joint, such as in the elbow, hip, knee, shoulder, wrist or ankle that isn't the result of a specific injury may really be tendinitis. The pain often results from overuse of specific muscles and is commonly aggravated by continued movement. Tendonitis causes irritation, inflammation and scar tissue where the tendon is attached to the bone, and may require weeks or even months to return to normal, causing continuing stiffness and an inability to perform normal functions. Tendinitis symptoms can vary from mild to extremely painful, and may even interrupt sleep. 

Tendons act as a kind of "pulley" to smooth the connection between muscles and bones in the body. Those tendons can also become crimped by surrounding bony structures and are subject to tears that are occasionally severe enough to require surgery. Tendinitis is typically characterized by pain, stiffness and diminished movement capability. It sometimes mimics the chronic pain of arthritis. Sometimes, the pain may be relieved by alternating applications of cold and heat, or by total immobilization.

Chiropractic Treatment for Tendinitis Pain

Our Chiropractic Doctors may order X-rays or MRI images in order to accurately diagnose tendinitis and formulate a treatment plan.

Following a physical exam, review of medical history and appropriate tests, our Chiropractor will develop a comprehensive treatment plan to help restore comfort and flexibility to the afflicted joint. Chiropractic therapy may include gentle mobilization and massage of the tendon and associated tissue, ultrasound treatment at the point of pain, electrical muscle stimulation, applications of heat and cold, strengthening exercises and general physical therapy. Nutritional support is also offered to promote natural tissue healing.

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Contact your Arlington Heights Chiropractor if you suspect your pain may be caused by tendinitis. We provide nutritional counseling, orthopedics, and sports medicine advice, and we will work with every patient to develop a personalized plan of care. Our goal is to help every patient attain maximum wellness. You can call Arlington Chiropractic Clinic at (847) 259-4493 to schedule an appointment today!

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