• "The staff here is always great, personable, friendly and I love this office. I feel like the doctors and staff genuinely care about my health and well-being and want me to be pain-free and healthy."
  • "I think this office is very professional, educated and caring."
  • "The office staff is very friendly and helpful."
  • "We appreciate the warm, friendly atmosphere of the doctors and staff. The doctors are thorough in their diagnosis and treatments. We have been patients here for over 15 years and will always recommend Arlington Chiropractic Clinic to our friends."
    K.S. & T.S.
  • "The entire staff is friendly, professional, and passionate about helping people feel better and achieving sustained wellness."
  • "Dr. Christa has treated me for chronic back pain for several years and has also educated me in how to take care of myself. My husband and I have both been helped greatly and see Arlington Chiropractic as our ‘safe place’ where we will know that their doctors are always there for us and understand our needs."
  • "I came in crawling and went out walking. I will be forever grateful."
  • "Nothing gave me the relief I needed until I started going to Arlington Chiropractic Clinic. After my treatment here, I was finally able to return to a normal, pain-free lifestyle."
  • "My neck spasms, pain and tightness were relieved after 5 weeks of treatment. Dr. Peter Horn and Lauren did a great job with adjustments, exercises and massage."
  • "I woke up with a pinched nerve in my neck. Three days of ‘self-treatment’ of Advil and ice did not help. When my thumb went numb, I called Arlington Chiropractic Clinic to let the experts ‘fix me’. Two months of adjustments and physical therapy, I’m back to my old self (better actually)."
  • "I love chiropractic care and Dr. Christa. I have suffered with vertigo for over a year, but I decided to let adjustments be done. It works for vertigo and any discomforts I have had."
  • "After working with Arlington Chiropractic Clinic, I was physically stronger and had nearly full range of motion again."
  • "Chiropractic care has helped increase flexibility in my lower back which I have struggled with for years.”"
  • "I found myself on a hotel room floor in Scottsdale, AZ unable to stand up with severe back pain. I crawled to the phone, found Dr. Andreoli’s number and called him. He helped me get to the Mayo Clinic where I was given sufficient pain meds to make it home to Arlington Heights. I’ve been coming here ever since, and will always be grateful."
  • "Dr. Horn always takes the time to talk to me and address any concerns or issues that I may have."
  • "I highly recommend Arlington Chiropractic Clinic. They really helped me and I never needed surgery."
  • "I’ve had back problems for the majority of my life. I have tried many different methods of treatment, but only one has benefitted me greatly…that is chiropractic care from Dr. Horn."
  • "I told everyone that I didn’t believe in chiropractic. When my back went out and I wasn’t able to walk without crying, I felt the only option was to try this ‘weird’ treatment. Without the help that I received I’m not sure what my outcome would have been. I would not be able to do what I do today and how I do it without the help of everyone at Arlington Chiropractic."
  • "I feel that the wellness maintenance program has really benefitted me especially working in a physically demanding profession such as a trade."
  • "I feel like they care about my overall health and not just one area or modality, always thinking solutions. I am encouraged and look forward to a long relationship of care through Arlington Chiropractic Clinic."
  • "I have been coming to Arlington Chiropractic Clinic since 1991. I was experiencing severe lower back pain and after just a couple of visits I felt 90% better and was feeling back to normal within just two weeks."
  • "The care provided at Arlington Chiropractic Clinic allowed me to return to my running schedule within 4 weeks. That is incredible. Thank you!"
  • "The atmosphere of the office and staff is excellent."
  • "With a chronic back problem that seemed to pop up with no reason, I was always frustrated. I feel more in control of this issue and attribute it to Arlington Chiropractic Clinic."
  • "My neck and back need a tune-up now and then, and it’s the only clinic I go to."


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