With more than 100 different types of arthritis, it is a very common condition in the United States. It can be a challenging barrier to daily living and employment for many, and it doesn’t just affect adults. Juvenile arthritis, osteoarthritis and every type in between means that there are no age restrictions and can strike at any time in all stages of life. Generally, once you have arthritis, it lasts a lifetime; however, many treatment options exist to help with pain management, increase movement and activity levels. Our experienced staff at Arlington Chiropractic Clinic, can help treat and manage your arthritis.       

Millions across the nation go through life with one of the many forms of arthritis. Painful, swollen joints are common symptoms but the seriousness and symptoms of arthritis vary depending on the type. At this time, there is no known cause of most types of arthritis but research is being performed as we speak. Not only does arthritis affect the joints, but it also affects connective tissues, muscles, and organs and will come and go at times.  The most prevalent form of arthritis is osteoarthritis and is seen mainly in the elderly population. Osteoarthritis breaks down bone and cartilage and is also known as degenerative arthritis. Common signs are stiffness and pain in the spine, the weight-bearing joints, such as the hips and knees, and the fingers.       Rheumatoid arthritis is one of the most serious and disabling types of arthritis. In rheumatoid arthritis, an abnormality in the body's defense or immune system causes inflammation and swelling of the synovial membrane. Inflammation begins in the joint lining and then may damage both cartilage and bone. It often affects the same joints on both sides of the body. The hands, wrists, feet, knees, ankles, shoulders, neck, jaw and elbows can be affected. It's more common in women than in men. 

Our experienced staff at Arlington Chiropractic Clinic, can help treat and manage your arthritis.

Common Risk Factors of Many Forms of Arthritis Include: 

  • Family history: Genetics may increase the chance of developing arthritis.
  • Environmental factors: Exposure to cigarette smoke, air pollution, insecticides and occupational chemicals are linked to the development of arthritis.  
  • Age: Osteoarthritis occurs as the body ages. 
  • Your sex: Women are more likely than are men to develop rheumatoid arthritis, while most of the people who have gout, another type of arthritis, are men. 
  • Previous joint injury: An injured joint will wear faster due to the damage that occurred.
  • Obesity and lifestyle: People that are overweight or too sedentary have a greater chance of developing arthritis.

Treatment for Arthritis

For those who prefer the holistic and natural approach to healthcare, the Arlington Chiropractic Clinic is a great choice for treatment. We have an experienced, compassionate and professional chiropractic team providing care for over four decades. We believe in a natural, whole health healing lifestyle and not masking pain with medications.  We offer treatments for arthritis which include gentle joint manipulation, range of motion exercises, ultrasound therapy, nutrition and anti-inflammatory vitamin supplementation.  Specialized laboratory testing is also available for further evaluation of arthritis symptoms and causes.

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