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At Arlington Chiropractic Clinic, we see many patients who suffer from neck pain and back pain. We suspect that much of these aches and pains come from poor workplace ergonomics. Whether your employer cannot afford to invest in more ergonomically sound office furniture, or they simply do not understand that your continuing pain stems from imperfect working conditions. You will find relief when visiting our Arlington Heights chiropractor. 

Arlington Heights Chiropractor's Advice: Workplace Ergonomics Tips 

Drs. Gerald T. Andreoli, Christa S. Andreoli, and Peter J. Horn, along with the rest of our chiro team, are all here to help you feel better and resume your healthy lifestyle. We have come up with a list of our favorite chiropractic workplace ergonomics tips that you can do yourself: 

  • Keep Your Arms Supported While on the Computer or the Telephone. Any time that you do not support your arms, the muscles in your back and shoulders pick up the slack. You might leave work with a headache or a stiff neck and back.
  • Sit Up Straight. We could all stand to improve our posture, but it is especially important to do so when sitting at a desk all day. When you slouch all day, you place excess pressure on your discs and spine. Move your chair closer to your keyboard and computer monitor so you can stay as vertical as possible. Remember to use your chair's lumbar support.
  • Find a Way to Make Sure Your Monitor Is at Eye Level. You might elevate your monitor if it is too low, or lower it if you find yourself straining your neck, looking upward. 
  • Prop Your Feet. If you cannot adjust the height of your seat to a low enough level, find a foot stool to use to rest your feet and avoid any strain. 

Our Chiro Office Team in Arlington Heights Can Help Ease Your Workplace-Related Pain

We hope you will call to schedule a chiro appointment so we can help you make adjustments at work to start feeling better. 


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