Not all massages are created equal. Some are more medical in nature, in that these massages treat a variety of conditions and injuries that cause aches and pains, while others are meant to de-stress the recipient.  

Both types of massages feel great, and both types can be beneficial, but therapeutic massage often has more long-term effects on the targeted tissues. If you ever wanted to know the differences between a spa massage and a medical therapeutic massage, read on.

What Is a Spa Massage?

A spa massage is typically administered at a spa, resort, or other luxury settings. There may be scented candles, a warm table, and gentle music playing in the room. The massage technique used during this type of massage usually includes light strokes, also known as effleurage.  The goal is to get the recipient comfortable.  

What’s a Medical Therapeutic Massage?

A medical therapeutic massage, while still offering comfort, has a different goal. The chiropractors and therapists administering the massage are working to target certain muscles, trigger points, tendons, ligaments and even scar tissue with their massage techniques, reducing pain and adhesions, increasing flexibility, improving blood flow and encouraging healing.

What’s the Difference?

There are plenty of differences between spa massages and medical therapeutic massages, such as:

  • Those who practice medical therapeutic massages must have a license, certification or other specific training, and often work side by side with a licensed physician that specializes in this type of physical medicine, such as a chiropractor.  These therapists often have more experience in treating medical conditions and can more closely monitor the progress of the recipient.
  • The techniques used are different. In a spa massage setting, you’re more likely to receive a hot stone massage or aromatherapy massage. In a medical therapeutic massage setting, the therapist will likely use techniques like the deep tissue massage, lymphatic drainage, trigger point therapy, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, and myofascial release.

Now that you know the differences, which type of massage is best for you? The answer, if you suffer from any long-term pain or acute injury, is undoubtedly the medical therapeutic massage. You get all the benefits of a spa massage (comfort, less stress) while also actively treating your condition.

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