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Arlington Chiropractic Clinic, P.C.

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Services Offered By Our Arlington Heights Chiropractors

At Arlington Chiropractic Clinic, our holistic services are designed to meet your family's health and wellness needs. From techniques designed to reduce headaches to those that ease hormonal challenges, our Arlington Heights chiropractor provides personalized and effective treatment. Our friendly health team invites residents of Arlington Heights, Kildeer, Palatine and the surrounding communities to visit Arlington Chiropractic Clinic to understand our alternative health options. Our services are comprehensive and gentle and target reducing pain, recovering from injury and enjoying a healthier lifestyle.

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Chiropractic Care With Our Arlington Heights Chiropractors

Our Arlington Heights chiropractors, Dr. Gerald T. Andreoli, Dr. Christa S. Andreoli and Dr. Peter J. Horn, use their chiropractic skills to gently adjust your spine and joints. A chiropractic approach ensures that your spine is placed in the optimum position so your body heals from injuries and you feel a reduction in pain. Once your spine is aligned, your body operates on a higher level to boost your overall health and reduce your risk of future injuries. Chiropractic adjustments are performed by hand using an appropriate amount of force to easily and gently slide your vertebrae into place and position joints such as your shoulders, wrists, elbows, ankles and knees.

Spinal and Postural Screenings - Your chiropractic care program begins with an evaluation of your spine and posture. Our chiropractors look for any misalignments that are contributing to pain or limited range of motion. We also evaluate your spine for malformations such as scoliosis. 

Corrective Exercises - Our health team believes in the ability of your body to heal itself. As your health improves, we show you exercises to support and strengthen your body. You learn core exercises to support proper posture along with flexibility movements to enhance your mobility.

Nutritional Counseling - Since we focus on your body as a whole, we also understand the importance of fueling your body with proper nutrition. Our chiropractors and nutritionist discuss the best ways to provide vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates and proteins so your body has the energy needed to function and restore.

Physiotherapy - If you are recovering from an auto accident, work-related or sports injury, or suffer from acute or chronic pain, we provide sports medicine and physical therapy services. Our team provides immediate pain relief and reduces swelling to place your body in a healing environment. Then, we strengthen and stretch your muscles to speed your recovery. This may include the use of:

  • massage therapy

  • ultrasound

  • exercise instruction

  • cryotherapy

  • mechanical traction

  • electrical muscle stimulation

  • referrals to orthopedic specialists

Complementary and Alternative Medicine - If you are frustrated with traditional medical approaches and do not want the side effects of medication, we offer alternative medicine for chronic conditions such as migraines, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and allergies.

Anti-Aging - Our holistic approach helps restore a youthful body and mind. We encourage your body to operate at its highest level by aligning your spine and fueling it with the proper nutrition.

Weight Management - As your body learns to live in a healthy alignment and you discover the value of eating a healthy diet, weight management becomes a natural part of your every day.  Enjoy many of the protein-rich food choices that are available through the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method.

Bioidentical Hormones - Our chiropractors help ease hormonal transitions of menopause and menstrual cycles. We work with you to determine if the use of bioidentical hormones will improve your symptoms and ease your discomfort.

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Our services are diverse to care for the needs of each of our patients. To speak with us about the best approach for you, call us today!

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