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Optimal Wellness Through Customized Nutrition

Nutritional Supplements

We may recommend specific targeted nutritional supplements to complement your treatment, and also to support various body systems.

Why Do We Provide Nutritional Supplements?

Arlington Chiropractic Clinic provides select nutritional supplements for patient convenience, safety and efficacy. Specific supplements may be recommended and supplied to our patients and their families by our doctors.

We have researched and selected certain supplements from various manufacturers because they are exceptional products, and because they may be products with a certain combination of ingredients to best help you.

Note: There are new lab tests available to measure your levels and functional need for certain nutrients.

>>These tests measure vitamin and mineral levels and also other nutritional substances such as amino acids, anti-oxidants, etc. Call for further information or to schedule an appointment for this blood test panel. This is a non-fasting simple one-time blood draw.

Ask the doctors about the CHUSA discount plan to make this very affordable.

Our nutritional supplements patients visit us from Rolling Meadows, Palatine, Buffalo Grove, Arlington Heights and Mt. Prospect in Cook County, IL.

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