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Common Questions About Back Pain Relief

 Back Pain Relief

If you are currently feeling low back pain as the result of an injury, getting it to subside effectively and safely most likely concerns you. Seeking help from Arlington Chiropractic Clinic, P.C. is an option that brings about quick and full results. Here are some common questions people have about back pain relief  so you can learn more about this type of condition.

Why Does Back Pain Happen?

There are many ways that someone could injure their back. If you twist awkwardly or if you engage in exercise without stretching first, back pain can arise. If you lift something heavy without using your legs to bear the weight, your back can suffer. If you stand or sit for long periods of time without taking breaks, you may experience pain in your back.

How Can Back Pain Be Avoided?

It is important to use a brace for your back if you need to lift a heavy item. Taking breaks while on the job and stretching your body between activities can help to keep you from dealing with low back pain. Consider purchasing a lumbar support pillow to use in your vehicle or upon your office chair to keep you from rounding your back, and take breaks often to move around.

What Will Our Chiropractor Do For Low Back Pain?

When low back pain happens, getting relief is necessary so you can continue to participate in the activities you enjoy. Our doctors will provide spinal adjustments to help eliminate stress placed upon the joints in your body. Restoring normal movement to these joints is accomplished through specific types of manipulation and exercise therapy. This will give you quick relief in the back as well as other areas where you experience discomfort or pain. The application of muscle stimulation or ultrasound, or the use of massage could also help reduce pain and tightness.

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