Are you looking for a service that can help you with your muscle cramps and spasms?  If you have painful muscle spasms, our chiropractor in Arlington Heights offers massage therapy for muscle cramps, which can help relax your muscles and relieve painful knots that could be contributing to the frequency and severity of your muscle spasms.

Causes of Muscle Spasms

Muscle spasms or painful muscle cramps can occur at any time and without warning.  While muscle spasms can occur in any muscle, they are most common in the lower back, calves, and feet.  You may be more prone to developing muscle cramps if you have poor circulation in your legs, muscle fatigue, are dehydrated or have certain nutritional deficiencies.  Muscle spasms can also occur during or after an intense workout or if you haven’t stretched properly.  Normally, muscle cramps only occur for a few seconds, but if you have severe muscle cramps or recurring cramps, you may benefit from a treatment program that includes regular massages.

How Massage Therapy Helps Muscle Spasms

Massage therapy helps ease painful muscle spasms and cramps by relaxing the muscle, improving circulation and helping the muscle release lactic acid, which can contribute to muscle pain.  Massage therapy is also good for helping to relieve sore, tight or knotted areas in the muscle that can contribute to cramps and muscle soreness.

Massage Therapy Services at Arlington Chiropractic Clinic

Our chiropractors at Arlington Chiropractic Clinic, along with our massage assistants, offer several treatment options for muscle spasms, including massage therapy.  Receiving regular targeted massage therapy can help ease muscle pain and loosen tight spots that are contributing to your spasms.  In addition, we also offer nutritional counseling, physiotherapy and corrective exercises that may also help you control muscle pain and spasms.

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