AMI Experiment on Wellness and Prevention

Alternative Medicine Integration, founded in Chicago in 1997 by James Zechman and Richard Sarnat, MD, sought to promote complementary & alternative medicine into mainstream healthcare. Their hope was to transform America's healthcare model from one based on treating illness, to one that focuses more on wellness and disease prevention. AMI's affiliation with Blue Cross/Blue Shield, allowed members, for the first time ever, to select a credentialed chiropractor as their Primary Care Physician. Their goals were: Wellness and Prevention Programs and Integrative Chronic Pain Management.

As reported in The Chiropractic Report Journal*, "Over a 7 year period, and in comparison to conventional medicine, the Chicago AMI group reported" the following:

"Reductions of 60% in hospital admissions"

"Reductions of 59% in hospital days"

"Reductions of 62% in outpatient surgeries and procedures"

"and a remarkable 85% reductions in pharmaceutical costs"

"and consistently higher patient satisfactions rates"

What does this mean to you?

Attend a chiropractic visit twice monthly, for spinal care and preventive counseling.
See a chiropractic physician who focuses on re-education on lifestyle, on wellness and prevention. Accept your chiropractor's recommendations to emphasize prevention, lead a healthy lifestyle, avoid reliance on medications and surgery when possible.

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*Reference: The Chiropractic Report; Volume 21; Number 5; September 2007; Editor David Chapman-Smith LLB.

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