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Orthotics are custom-made shoe inserts that improve your body's balance, posture, and alignment. By providing proper support for your feet, orthotics help create a more balanced, symmetrical foundation for your body, help hold your chiropractic adjustments in place to maintain alignment, and reduce postural stresses.

The feet are the foundation of the body. While 99% of all feet are normal at birth, 8% develop troubles by the first year of age, 41% by the fifth year, and 80% by age twenty. By age forty, nearly everyone has a foot condition of some sort.

Starting with the feet, force and movement travel through your ankles, legs, hips, spine, neck and head. If just one of those parts isn't working properly, it will affect how all of the others work.

Anterior.jpg When your foot hits the ground, the foot and lower leg come to a dead stop at impact. This kind of collision force equals about 1.5 to as much as 3 times your body weight within 50 milliseconds of striking the ground. These impacts add up since you strike the ground almost 1000 times per mile.

A recent study found that 77% of chiropractic patients have moderate to severe pronation and would benefit from orthotics.

Orthotics are not just for the feet. They also help properly support the back, knees, hips, ankles and pelvis by providing a balanced foundation for the body. This helps make adjustments more effective, and can improve your quality of life.

***Some Available Styles: Available

EliteXs.bmpElite XS

The Elite orthotics are the top-of-the-line inserts and include maximum support, comfort and durability. Only Elites come standard with built-in features for shock absorption and for protection throughout the gait cycle. Elite orthotics are optimal for most people.


EliteEnergyFam_fan_copy.jpgElite Energy Family

The Elite Energy orthotics are the next step in enhancing your energy, edge, and performance. Strategically placed magnets (Do not use products with magnets if you are wearing a pacemaker or electrical implant of any kind, or if you are pregnant) in specific zones may help to increase energy and lead to better vitality.


Most people wear different shoe styles, and, in most cases, one type of orthotic will not fit in all shoes. Multiple pairs of orthotics allow you to remain supported, no matter what shoe you wear.


5thAveLadyLux.jpgThe 5th Avenue Line

The 5th Avenue line of orthotics is specifically designed for women and the shoe styles they wear from dress flats to two inch heels to open back shoes such as clogs.


UltraStepXCCombo.jpgUltra Step Group

The Ultra Step orthotics are built for comfort with a softer top material and are available in full lengths and dress shoe lengths for men or women.


ParFlex.jpgParFlex Plus

The ParFlex Plus is designed to be worn in golf shoes or during a golf game. Research proves that the ParFlex Plus improves your golf game in the following ways: >helps wearer hit golf ball 9 - 15 yards farther, >increases club head speed velocity 3 - 5 mph, >improves the body's alignment,   ...and helps to reduce fatigue


UltraYoungSoles.jpgUltra Young Soles

Ultra Young Soles orthotics are designed for children ages 5 - 12. They support the posture as children grow and have a cushioning top layer for extra comfort and shock absorption. Receive a trade-in credit for each new pair as your children grow.


Custom Adjustable Orthotic Sandal

Custom Adjustable Orthotic Sandal is for women who are looking for postural support in a trendy, comfortable sandal. It is open-toed like a flip-flop, but feels and fits more like your favorite athletic shoe. Built for boating, walking, gardening, even hiking. Available in Red, Black and Denim. Styles are also available for men.



Custom Leather Sandals

All new stylish, leather sandals with custom-made orthotics built right into the shoe.


Naot Rome


Lapland for Men


Mikael for Men






Other Styles







Very Comfortable Custom Orthotic Slippers

Acornwine.jpgWhy consider orthotics? If you have joint pain or back pain, your body may not be properly aligned due to injury, aging, or stressful activities. Chiropractic adjustments and orthotics help bring your body back to its natural state of alignment.

Our in-office digital foot scanner checks to see if your feet are symmetrical and healthy.

Come in to learn about the six arches in your feet and the role they play in spinal stability.

Call now and make an appointment today to discover if you will benefit from custom-made orthotic inserts and orthotic shoes. 847-259-4493

Dr. Christa S. Andreoli, DC, DACO

Board Certified in Orthopedics

Arlington Chiropractic Clinic
1702 W. Campbell St.
Arlington Heights, IL 60005

Our orthotics patients visit us from Palatine, Buffalo Grove, Arlington Heights, Mt. Prospect and Rolling Meadows in Cook County, IL.