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Arlington Chiropractic Clinic Wellness Programs

....Our most important message!!

     We strongly recommend and promote prevention of illness and disability for all of our patients, and their families and friends and also potential patients. We work to attract families who desire to stay healthy and take responsibility for their health. It is well known that prevention is less costly for the individual as well as society. Small costs up front for preventive services yield valuable results in staying healthy. We encourage optimal health, not just the absence of symptoms.

     Wellness consists of physical, biochemical, nutritional & emotional components. We strive to reduce the impact of the major causes of death and disability in our society. Attention to prevention and wellness reduces the need for costly crisis medical care.


  1. Back pain alone takes a large toll on the individual and our society. It is the second most frequent reason for doctor's visits. Regular chiropractic visits reduce the need for hospitalizations, medications and surgery, thereby reducing disability and missed work.
  2. Osteoporosis is a health threat for 40 million Americans, and claims an estimated $20 billion in costs! Besides heredity, osteoporosis risk factors include low calcium (and other mineral) intake, low vitamin D intake, inactive lifestyle, excessive intake of protein, sodium & caffeine, missed periods, low testosterone and other hormones, alcohol, smoking and certain medications and diseases. Our Wellness Programs include screening and counseling for these risk factors.
  3. Treatment of women's hormone problems with synthetic drug hormones increases the risk for cancer, blood clots and other tumors. Improved nutrition, diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications can reduce the need for medications.
  4. Children's asthma, obesity and learning disabilities are on the increase. Managing your children's health problems with the chiropractic lifestyle, in addition to Pediatric care, can allow them to grow with fewer limitations.
  5. Acid-suppressing drugs are the second most commonly prescribed drug (next to statin drugs for cholesterol). They are given for GERD or Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease, including heartburn, belching and indigestion. GERD, reflux and heartburn often respond well to elimination of food sensitivites, improvement in digestion and attention to the intestinal flora content.

     For those individuals who want to keep themselves, spouses and families healthy, and are interested in family wellness programs, contact us.

Wellness Services:

*Healthy Eating   *Weight Loss   *Fitness   *Stress Relief

*Sleep Wellness   *Longevity 

     Call 847-259-4493, and tell the receptionist your health concerns or request a "Wellness Visit" for yourself, your spouse and children.

**LifeStyle Wellness Program**

The Ultimate Effective Anti-Aging Solution

**Join us for our next program, consisting of a lecture series on topics emphasizing improved physical and mental performance, healthy aging, better diet and healthy family lifestyle choices. (45 minute sessions)

 Katrina M. Steckbeck, MS, CCN and Dr. Gerald T. Andreoli, DC, DACBN, DABAAHP



Chiropractic Physician, Board Certified in Nutrition, Certified Anti-Aging Physician

Arlington Chiropractic Clinic, PC

1702 W. Campbell St.

Arlington Hts, IL 60005


Patients come to us for our wellness programs from Mt. Prospect, Rolling Meadows, Palatine, Buffalo Grove and Arlington Heights in Cook County, IL.