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LifeStyle Wellness [LW]

Arlington Chiropractic Clinic's
Totalcare® 9-Week Healthy Eating Program

Dr. Gerald T. Andreoli, DC, DACBN    Katrina M. Steckbeck, MS, CCN

Diets do not work!!!  Let's get this fact on the table right now.  Everyone has a different reason why they are overweight.  But underlying all of the individual reasons is one basic fact.  We desire to eat to satisfy a certain need---whether that need is hunger, craving, comfort, physical or mental sense of well-being, entertainment, relaxation, reward, or satisfaction.  This desire may be conscious and obvious, or may be deeply hidden in our sub-conscious.  It may be difficult to identify this need, and there often are several intertwined needs.
The solution to this challenging puzzle is for each of us to first evaluate our reasons for desiring to eat.  Only then can we move ahead to the solutions.  And be assured, there are solutions.  And we will help you with those solutions.

9-Week Program
This Program can be started at any week.  One session is not dependent on the previous session.  All material will be covered in 9 weeks; however, the order of the topics may be changed.  We have three goals for you:

 A.  Weight loss and weight management
 B.  Become a healthier person
 C.  Learn and develop a permanent healthy lifestyle

TOPICS                                                                                                     1. Why Do We Eat?  Why Do We Need Diets?
2. Where to Start?
3. Good Carbs---Bad Carbs
4. What to Eat For Breakfast?
5. Food Allergies and Sensitivities
6. Sugar and Sweets Substitutes
7. Good Fats---Bad Fats
8. Controlling Portions
9. Protein: Good, Bad and How Much?
10. Reset Your Metabolism
11. How to Control Cravings
12. Exercise

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Our healthy eating patients visit us from Buffalo Grove, Arlington Heights, Mt. Prospect, Rolling Meadows and Palatine in Cook County, IL.