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About Dr. Gerald T. Andreoli's Practice:

Dr. Andreoli's practice consists of primary care patients treated with holistic and integrative care methodologies. He specializes in seeing adults and children with systemic disorders such as arthritis, fatigue, headaches, bowel problems, allergies, chronic pain, hormone problems, chronic infections and other medical disorders which have been resistant to other treatments. He treats patients by means of nutritional support, dietary advice, nutritional supplementation and lifestyle recommendations. He performs physical examinations, and relies heavily on the benefits of laboratory testing. He performs both conventional medical testing as well as alternative lab testing. He may recommend traditional chiropractic care, by his orthopedic-specialist chiropractic physician daughter, Dr. Christa Andreoli, or other medical intervention and referrals as needed. 

Dr. Andreoli is a Board-Certified Specialist in both Clinical Nutrition and Anti-Aging Medicine. As a result of these specialties and significant clinical experience, he sees patients with complex health disorders; patients who may prefer more conservative & less invasive care; and patients who have not adequately responded to prior medical care. He is available to offer second medical opinions and consultations to patients and other physicians. Dr. Andreoli is assisted by his nutritionist daughter, Ms. Katrina Steckbeck, MS, CCN. 

Congratulations to Dr. Andreoli on receiving his Diplomate Certification in Anti-Aging Medicine!!!

Dr. Gerald T. Andreoli, DC, DACBN, DABAAHP

After practicing for over 40 years in natural healthcare, becoming Board Certified in Clinical Nutrition, and spending the past year in a medical sabbatical studying antiaging medicine, he has now achieved Certification as an Anti-Aging Health Practitioner.

The American Board of Anti-Aging Health Practitioners (ABAAHP) is a certification program of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Dr. Andreoli has been a 10+ year member of the A4M (American Association of Anti-Aging Medicine). A4M offers exclusive membership to qualified medical professionals, where they gain access to top-level knowledge of the latest research in anti-aging practices.

These credentials have set him apart from all other physicians and practitioners who may be practicing in this specialty without proper credentials. He has gained the knowledge to allow him to be competent to practice in anti-aging chiropractic medicine.  

Dr. Andreoli has successfully passed the intensive examination in the following medical areas:

  • Fundamentals of Preventative Medicine
  • Mechanisms of Aging and Disease & Lifespan Research
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Cognitive and Neurodegenerative Diseases & Impairments
  • Diagnostics & Assessments
  • Endocrinology
  • Immune System & Infectious Diseases
  • Metabolic Dysfunctions & Diseases
  • Musculoskeletal Diseases & Impairments
  • Respiratory Diseases & Impairments
  • Sensory System Diseases & Impairments
  • Sexual-Reproductive System Diseases & Impairments
  • Cancer

The American Board of Anti-Aging Health Practitioners was founded in 1999 to provide advanced education, representation, and specialty recognition of scientific and healthcare professionals. Together, the A4M and ABAAHP represent over 26,000 physicians, scientific and healthcare practitioners from 120 nations.

Dr. Andreoli joins this exclusive group, consisting of 90% MDs, 6% DOs, 2% DCs and 2% Misc (PhDs, NPs, RNs, Pas, DDSs, pharmacists and acupuncturists).

ABAAHP Process consists of passing a three-hour written examination assessing proficiency in several areas of Anti-Aging clinical care, with a predominant focus on practical knowledge skills in diagnostic and therapeutic interventions, nutritional therapies, and pharmaceuticals, as well as sound textbook knowledge of endocrinology, neurophysiology, and cancer.